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           The Author Launchpad Bundle

Launching your first book can be overwhelming. From crafting a captivating book cover to formatting your manuscript and establishing an author website, it's easy to feel buried under the workload.

I created this bundle to streamline the process and set you up for success. With this comprehensive package, you'll receive an eye-catching book cover, professionally formatted manuscript, a sleek author website and a lead magnet to make the most of your book launch and grow your email list—all in one convenient solution.

So, if you're ready to kickstart your author journey with confidence and ease, The Author Launchpad Bundle is your ticket to a successful book launch!

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The Author Launchpad Bundle

Make the most of your book launch buzz by using it to start or grow your email list. Whether it's a guide, checklist, workbook, or exclusive content, I'll create a compelling digital lead magnet (up to 10 pages). And of course we'll add to your new one-page website! Let's turn your book launch excitement into a growing community of loyal subscribers.

With the Author Launchpad Bundle, you'll have all the tools you need to launch your author career with confidence and success.

What's Included?

Lead Magnet Design

Transform your manuscript into a beautifully crafted book that not only captivates readers but enhances their reading experience. With meticulous attention to detail, I'll ensure your book not only looks great but also flows seamlessly, keeping readers immersed from cover to cover.

Book Formatting

One-Page Author Website

With this bundle, you'll receive an attention-grabbing cover design for both ebook and print (paperback or hardcover.) From the front cover that demands attention to the back cover and spine, every detail is designed to showcase your work in its best light. Let's create a cover that make you stand out from the competition and POP off the bookshelves!

Book Cover Design





Step into the spotlight with a stunning One-Page Author Website. A simple yet effective website that will transform casual readers into dedicated fans and potential customers. It will serve as a powerful marketing tool, helping you build your author brand, capture leads, and lay the groundwork for future book releases.

“Working with Ida has been one of the absolute best experiences!

I had hired a designer before I started working with Ida, who did not specialize in Book Designer, and once I hired Ida, my entire experience transformed. She was kind, patient, professional, and extremely knowledgeable, and in the end I have a book cover that I am absolutely in love with and that is also getting rave reviews in terms of both the cover and interior design!”


“Ida demonstrated an incredible understanding of my vision and genre, translating it into a stunning book cover.

Not only captured the essence of my story but also stood out in a crowded marketplace (Amazon). The attention to detail, creativity, and commitment to delivering a design that truly represented my book was evident in every step of the process. Super happy to have been working with her! My next book will be designed by Ida, for sure!”


“Ida is 100% committed to giving you EXACTLY what you want. To me, that's the ultimate benchmark. And, she delivers. I'd highly recommend her to anyone with design needs.”


Why the 

                Author Launchpad Bundle?

Get everything you need in one convenient bundle, instead of the hassle of coordinating multiple freelancers.

Save time & energy


Gain instant credibility through the impeccable quality of the deliverables. Every element is crafted to elevate your author brand and leave a lasting impression on readers.

You're not just publishing a book—you're laying the groundwork for your entire author career. Through your website and lead magnet, you connect with readers, paving the way for future book launches and lasting success.

Lay the foundation

Feeling like the Author Launchpad Bundle is what you're looking for?

Yes! I'm all in!

"If you’re wanting to create a look that will make people take notice, then you are going to want to work with Ida.

She created a book cover design for me that we then tested with our audience. Her design won hands down due to Ida’s fresh, clean and inviting approach. She was responsive to my needs and really listened to what I wanted. But she also brought some ideas to the table that we hadn’t even considered.

She has a fantastic eye for design but she’s also a delight to work with! That’s an exceedingly rare combination! Work with Ida. You will not regret it!"

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Mitch Matthews

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One-page Author Website

Paperback/Hardback cover

Ebook formatting 

Paperback/Hardback Formatting

Ebook cover 

Lead Magnet Design

The Author Launchpad Bundle

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