“You research. You read reviews. You want to find someone you can trust to design a cover that you, and everyone you show it to, thinks captures your book brilliantly. Stunningly. Because people do judge a book by its cover. Well, stop. Stop. Really. You’ve found her. 

Mark Rhodes

Ida’s work is off the scale good. And she is so easy to work with, fast, pro-active, professional and accurate. There is no way I’ll being using anyone else in the future. I promise you, you will not do better. A keeper. 100%."

Mitch Matthews

"If you’re wanting to create a look that will make people take notice, then you are going to want to work with Ida.

She created a book cover design for me that we then tested with our audience. Her design won hands down due to Ida’s fresh, clean and inviting approach. She was responsive to my needs and really listened to what I wanted. But she also brought some ideas to the table that we hadn’t even considered.

She has a fantastic eye for design but she’s also a delight to work with! That’s an exceedingly rare combination! Work with Ida. You will not regret it!" 

James Roper

"Ida Fia is the best graphic designer and freelance contractor I have ever hired. She is incredibly intelligent and always connects with the message I’m trying to get across through the design work. (I feel like we share a brain sometimes… it’s weird, but in a good way.) Mrs. Sveningsson delivers professional quality with good communication and fast delivery.

She is a joy to work with and always brings a smile to my face with her upbeat personality and quirky responses. I feel privileged to work with someone this good, no matter what her age. She’s awesome and her work speaks for itself."

Shirley WU

"Ida was absolutely amazing.

She is creative, artistic, and able to translate my vague concepts of what I wanted in a book design and produce a mind-blowingly stunning product. What she came up with is better than anything I could have even imagined.

Everyone who I’ve shown the design to have been impressed by how good the image is. She really captured the emotional intensity and feel of my book. Thank you Ida!"

Olayinka Krasivaya

“Ida was an absolute pleasure to work with on this project."

"Ida was an absolute pleasure to work with on this project. I had an idea for a book cover design but Ida executed the vision so well, and exceeded my expectation. She was also professional, responsive and patient throughout the entire process. She also providing marketing files for the project, which was an unexpected bonus. She truly is an amazing designer. I am looking forward to working with her on future projects."

“I found myself incapable of putting into words how much I enjoyed my collaboration with Ida."

"It has taken me an insanely long time to write this testimonial. Far longer than it has taken me to write any testimonial in the past. But I found myself incapable of putting into words how much I enjoyed my collaboration with Ida.

Let me first start off by saying I. LOVE. MY. COVER. I love everything about my cover. I came to Ida with a complicated concept. Not only was she able to visualize what I was going for, every tweak she made enhanced my vision beyond my expectations.

But Ida’s delightfulness does not end with her design. Her prices are reasonable, her demeanor is wonderful and when I had an issue and needed to make some adjustments to the text urgently MONTHS after our business was concluded, she got back to me and made the adjustments promptly, allowing me to meet my deadline.

Honestly, I don’t feel like I can sing her praises enough!"

Alicia Sherman

Seth bolt

"Everything Ida touches turns to creative gold.

She creates custom designs that focus on connectivity and high level visibility, while also maintaining the flexibility to fit the plethora of social media platforms and online pathways clients use to connect to their audience. 

Her creations embody the heart and soul of your project and ”jump off the page” into the hearts of your viewers."

Chandler Bolt

"Ida is AMAZING at what she does. She takes my vague concepts & turns them into something much better & more creative than I could ever imagine. I started by just hiring her to do a logo but then I realized she can do SO MANY other things.

I’ve since hired her for website design, book cover design, book design & pretty much everything involving design that I need. And I’ve been more than happy with every single project she’s done.

Can’t recommend her enough!"


"Throughout a three-business career so far, I have rarely encountered professionals who treat their customer’s business concerns as their own. Ida surely does. She made every effort to accommodate my book publishing schedule, and she lowered my costs, time, energy and effort in designing a superb book cover. Professional communications and pleasant interactions. Her artistry is formidable! I am a highly satisfied customer and will return to Ida for my next book cover design without giving it a single thought."

Elenah Kangara

“I tell you, hiring Ida was one of the best
decisions I ever made."

"As a new author if people are going to take a chance on an author they haven’t heard of, having a great cover designed is so important! A great cover is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

During the process of self-publishing my first book, I experienced the greatest bubbles of excitement and anticipation in wondering what my book cover would look like. The feeling was like handing over to a designer a blank sheet that was waiting to be decked with glorious colors and creative composition. Boy, was I glad that designer was Ida! I tell you, hiring Ida was one of the best decisions I ever made. Ida was simply a dream come true. It was like magic collaborating with her. Ida was so patient in listening carefully to what was important to me and translating it into a beautiful cover. Professional, good-natured, a delight to work with, Ida’s design was simply out of the box, brilliant and phenomenal!

I am truly blessed to have found this gem of a designer. My book cover is constantly being praised and most importantly the results show, the book became a Bestseller and continues to do great! Thank you, Ida, you are the best!

If you believe you have great content, and you want to go way out to give your content a great cover that sells, then, THINK Ida!"

“Ida is 100% committed to giving you exactly what you want."

"Ida is 100% committed to giving you EXACTLY what you want. To me, that's the ultimate benchmark. And, she delivers. I'd highly recommend her to anyone with design needs."


“I'm extremely proud and satisfied with my book cover."

"I am extremely proud and satisfied with the book cover and website that Ida Fia created for my book. I highly recommend her and I look forward to working with her her again in the future."



“Ida is My Hero!"

"My book “The Road to High Income” is rocking live on Amazon! As soon as Ida delivered the first version of the book cover I was looking for, I was so impressed beyond expectations that I did not even ask for a “B design” for people to vote. Now there’s no one who’s come across “The Road to High Income” without first complementing how great it looks! The cover really makes all the difference.

Invest or no one will care about reading even the first line of your hard writing hours. Look no further. Ida is my hero!"


"As a 1st time author through the Self-Publishing School, I have learned how important a book cover is. It is the first point of contact a potential reader has with your story. A great cover invites readers to take the leap, feel your “voice”, and ultimately connect with your book.

Ida’s creativity, graphics and design ability create that valued connection. She totally delivers; offering helpful suggestions, on-time revisions with additional marketing materials. She is 110% invested in your success.

I recommend Ida for all your graphic design needs. You will feel safe and secure knowing that you are in experienced and capable hands."


"I am a first-time author with no idea about the mechanics of cover design. In fact, it took me 3 months to come up with the title. Once I gave Ida the title, she took the process into her own hands and I could not have been happier. 

I was a little uncertain about how working with someone miles and hours away would work out. The process was seamless!!! This is probably the best referral – I just sent Ida the title for my next book. I have enough trust in her creativity that I have just given her the narrative of the book content and I am trusting completely on her creative genius."


"Ida did an amazing job on the book cover for a client of mine in my Bestselling Author program! The publisher had previously given my client over 20 book cover samples and we didn't like any of them.

That's why we went to Ida. Ida captured the essence of the book right away and definitely came up with an out of the box idea that will get people's attention. I highly recommend Ida for your book cover!"


“I'm extremely grateful that I found her so early in my journey."

"Do you have a piece of work you want to share with world, but are unsure how to present it? Ida will take whatever idea or piece of work you have and turn it into a masterpiece. I realize that after reading that you may have some skepticism. Let me share my story with you to show you how amazing Ida really is…

I had an idea for book. I wrote the book. The book had no real structure, but did have a lot of hidden gems. The average reader would not have been able to find the gems throughout my terribly structured work. Then…I came across Ida. She not only did an amazing job for the cover image of my book, but she also did all the design work for the inside as well. She structured the book in a way that the audience could relate to. She made it fun. She made the reader want to keep interacting with my work.

She is part of why my book became a bestseller and continues to sell copies every day. Anyone would be privileged to work with her. I am extremely grateful that I found her so early in my journey of creating exceptional content. I am excited to work with Ida more in the future and excited to watch her journey unfold in helping others spread their gifts across the world."


“I highly recommend Ida to anyone looking for high quality"

Ida has done a fantastic job on the cover design for my book. It is simple and stylish, yet provides a highly professional image. I am impressed with her professionalism and her quick response to my requests. 

She worked with me until I had a product I was very happy with. Ida’s integrity, creativity, enthusiasm, and collaborative style have made this part of my project easy and enjoyable. I highly recommend Ida to anyone looking for high quality and fresh ideas.

“I was blown away by the quality."

Brilliant cover. I was blown away by the quality. What stands out is her passion, attention to detail and love of what she does. Amazing cover and all the advertising covers I get with my package. Will be using her on every cover I need in the future. Delighted.


“I think Ida rates up on the "Genius" bar for creativity"

I think Ida rates up on the ”Genius” bar for creativity in graphic design. She transformed a very obscure concept into one of clarity on my book cover design with her imagination and thinking outside the box. Ida is a pleasure to work with, flexible and she was open to putting our heads together. She takes pride and interest in every aspect of her design work. I strongly recommend her services.



“Ida:The book cover designer who will blow your mind..."

Ida Fia brought my sketchy vision to technicolor life in less time than it takes to say ’green smoothie’  – and gave me a cover I can be truly proud of. Ida: the book cover designer who will blow your mind…

#mindblown #doyourselfafavor

“I highly recommend her services."

Working with Ida at IF Design on my book cover project has been an excellent experience. She is creative, communicates well, diligently makes changes, and is so very pleasant! I highly recommend her services.


“Ida was absolutely amazing."

Ida is very friendly, patient and accommodating, plus talented, of course! Do not hesitate, see how your ideas can be brought to life. Ida is spelled with an invisible ’e’, which is the idea part.



“She is an absolute delight to work with."

Ida is the best, hands down. Her creative genius is second to none. She is an absolute delight to work with. She’s kind, quick, thorough, and considerate. Overall, great experience and my book cover design is nothing short of brilliant. Couldn’t be happier and I’m excited to work with her again in the future. I highly recommend Ida’s services. If you’ve been looking for an amazing graphic designer, stop right now and hire Ida. You won’t be sorry. Your future self will thank you for it.


“The design and her execution of it was brilliant."

I was delighted with the cover design Ida did of my new book In Our Hands – Handbook for Intergenerational Actions to Solve the Climate Crisis. The design and her execution of it was brilliant, her pricing was reasonable and her responsiveness above and beyond. I will use Ida again for all such future work.

“Ida is a big reason why my books have been best sellers."

I had no idea what I wanted and gave Ida no direction for my book cover. I was blown away what she came up with! I’ve now used Ida for my first five books and will continue to for every book in the future. Without question one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Ida is a big reason my books have been best sellers.


“I hired her a full year in advance!"

Ida is a world-class designer. After seeing her work with another client, I  hired her a full year in advance! 

With great attention to detail and affordable rates, Ida has become my go-to source for all things graphic design!



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