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Helping authors bring their books to life.

Based in Kristianstad, Sweden.
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For the past decade, I've been on a wild journey, helping authors from around the globe breathe life into their stories. Based in the middle of the woods in the south of Sweden, I'm on a mission to sprinkle a little magic into every bookshelf worldwide. So, grab a cuppa, let's chat about your next adventure, and who knows, we might just become the best of book buddies along the way!

Designer & Photographer | Proud High School Dropout | Introvert | Plant & Puppy Lover | Dreamer & Sunset Chaser

I'm Ida fia.

Hi friend! I'm Ida fia.

Hi friend! 



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Being a first-time author can be overwhelming. As your 'one-stop shop', I offer a seamless experience, providing expert guidance and personalized solutions every step of the way.

From crafting a compelling book cover and ensuring your manuscript is perfectly formatted to getting your author website up and running!

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"I tell you, hiring Ida was one of the best decisions I ever made."

As a new author if people are going to take a chance on an author they haven’t heard of, having a great cover designed is so important! A great cover is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

During the process of self-publishing my first book, I experienced the greatest bubbles of excitement and anticipation in wondering what my book cover would look like. The feeling was like handing over to a designer a blank sheet that was waiting to be decked with glorious colors and creative composition. Boy, was I glad that designer was Ida! I tell you, hiring Ida was one of the best decisions I ever made. Ida was simply a dream come true. It was like magic collaborating with her. Ida was so patient in listening carefully to what was important to me and translating it into a beautiful cover. Professional, good-natured, a delight to work with, Ida’s design was simply out of the box, brilliant and phenomenal!