Being a first time author can be overwhelming.

I'm creating these website templates to make at least one step on the journey a little bit easier for you! Grab a template and get you author website up and running in no time! 

Showit is an easy-to-use drag and drop website builder with the option to add the power of a WordPress blog. You're on a Showit website right now! I switched over to Showit two years ago and I absolutely love it! 

You need a Showit subsriction. Showit offers three subscription tiers, from $19/mo to $34/mo depending on your website's needs.

If you don't need a Wordpress blog on your site, the $19/month subscription will be enough. That's the subscription I use for this site! :) 

1. Showit Subscription

What do you need for a Showit website?

Purchase a template and get a key to install the design with just one click. Yes, it's really that easy! Once the design is installed, you can start plug in your copy and images.

The website template is totally customizable so if you want to move things around, change colors and fonts to fit your brand, you can do that! Showit give you creative freedom!

2. Website Template

Aside from a Showit subscription and a website template, you'll need to purchase your domian. Connect your domain to your Showit site and publish your site! 

3. Website Domain

So what's Showit?

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